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    National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI)

    Foundation Level Examinations in Mathematics, English Language, and Entrepreneur Skill Training was conducted in the nation of Ghana from 3rd of June to 5th June, 2014.

    The Cookery is on Friday, 13th June 2014 and the venue for eight(8) form2 candidates is at FrankEve. We wish them success.

    FrankEve and other organizations from the ten regions of Ghana have been invited by Ghacem Cement Foundation Donation Ceremony after applying a proposal for support in various organization projects. Date for the Ceremony is on Friday 13th June, 2014 at Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, Accra.

    Nabptex Examination

    This term, shall be very intensive with a lot of works to be carried out. Forty-four (44) girls are due to complete then Nabptex Exams to further to the tertiary. We love FrankEve. My home and our future.

    • Classrooms

      A session of fashion design students in the costume designing class.

    • Sporting Activities

      The FrankEve cadet contingent would be 40, three officers and the trainer in person of Mr. Gabriel Owusu-Ansah,a teacher of FrankEve..

    • Physical Education

      8:00am Independence Parade by school pupils and the students.FrankEve would be represented by 30 students, two teachers and the headmaster.